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Coming soon Southern Cross Podiatry!

August 9, 2016


Southern Cross Podiatry is a holistic Podiatry service that was developed to provide a community based service. Southern Cross Podiatry aims to provide health care of the highest standard, yet at extremely competitive pricing.

Southern Cross Podiatry is a Clinic-Based service that accepts all clients, child or adult. They accept and bulk bill Chronic Disease Management (Enhanced Primary Care) Plans. They also accept Private Health Insurance, Pension/Health Care Card holders, Department of Veteran Affairs, Transport Accident Commission, and Work Cover Claims.

Their Podiatrists are fully qualified and registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia. They use a client centered approach along with the highest Evidence Based Practice to make an individual care plan suited to individual needs, based on your input and personal needs.

Brenton is the Principal Podiatrist and Director of Southern Cross Podiatry. He will be commencing with Ballarto Medical Centre on Wednesday the 31st of August.

Brenton has extensive experience covering:

  • Multiple high risk/wound clinics
  • Specialist Clinician- Falls Prevention Services
  • Six hospitals in acute, rehabilitation and amputee wards, and community health centres
  • Chief Podiatrist at the Wimmera Health Care Group
  • Current staff member at Charles Sturt University
  • Correctional (Prison) health
  • Consultant Educator for Queensland Health.
  • Sports trainer for Indoor Sports Victoria

For further information you can visit the Southern Cross Podiatry website on http://www.southerncrosspodiatry.com.au/

Cohen’s weight loss clinic

July 14, 2016

cohens weight loss clinic

Cohen’s Weight Loss Clinic is now here at Ballarto Medical Centre!

What makes this program so unique?

  • Personalised Eating Plan
  • Based on your personal blood chemistry
  • Food becomes your medicine
  • No pills, shakes or tonics
  • Rapid, healthy fat loss
  • Effective for both men and women
  • Learn to maintain your weight for life

The Cohen’s Program is a Personalised Eating Plan that results in rapid and safe weight loss. Dr Cohen determines the types of food and specific combinations and quantities that will make you lose weight fast – giving you a Program that truly works!

An individual Eating Plan will be made for you by Dr Cohen based on your unique bio chemistry from the results of your initial fasting blood test.  You are unique, so your ‘treatment’ must be unique too!

The Eating Plan is designed to create a chemical balance in the body to stimulate the Human Growth Hormone, Serotonin production and lower Insulin levels, the three hormones that Dr Cohen believes to be the cause of weight gain.

The Eating Plan that he develops for you is a balanced plan, not calorie based, neither a high protein diet. It includes proteins (red/white meat, fish, dairy products such as egg, cheese and yoghurt) and carbohydrates, (fruits and vegetables), the two main food groups – there are no pills, tonics, shakes, seeds or the like. Simply the food already in your kitchen. Your food becomes your ‘medicine’ so the quantities and combinations are very important.

It is based on many years of research and a data bank of many thousands of diet Programs and their results. Dr Cohen is a specialist not only in the field of nutrition but also in fertility and hormones.

Dr Cohen also monitors your progress throughout your Program with repeat blood tests and once you have reached your natural goal weight he formulates your Refeeding Program to stabilize your weight properly.  This is the most important part of the whole Program, so that when you are finished, by using what you have learnt the weight should never come back.

If you’re interested in Dr Cohen’s Weight Loss Program, discuss your interest with your Doctor. We can organise for a Cohen representative to give you a call and organise an appointment for you here at the clinic!

*Suitability to do Dr Cohen’s RAPID Fat Loss Program is based on each person’s medical history and details and / or blood test results which will be assessed by Dr Cohen personally.

Click here and complete to receive further details on program: http://www.cohens.com.au/clinic/vic-melbourne

For additional information visit: http://www.cohens.com.au/


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