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Cohen’s weight loss clinic

Cohen’s weight loss clinic

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Ballarto Medical Centre offers Cohen’s Weight Loss Consultations

Speak to your doctor about your interest in doing this unique program.  Our reception staff will be able to provide you with a Brochure with contact details to make a booking.

During your initial 45 minutes cost and obligation free information session, one of our Weight Loss Consultants will clearly explain Dr Cohen’s Program and answer any questions you may have. If referred by your Doctor, please ensure to bring your referral form with to this appointment.

At this appointment, you will be provided with the necessary documentation including the blood test form should you wish to start your weight loss journey.

*Your individual Eating Plan will be made for you by Dr Cohen based on your unique bio chemistry from the results of your initial blood test. The turnaround time for this is about 3-4 working days.

We will contact you as soon as we received the Eating Plan to arrange for a 30 minute collection appointment at the clinic.


*Suitability to do Dr Cohen’s RAPID Fat Loss Program is based on each person’s medical history and details and / or blood test results which will be assessed by Dr Cohen personally.

Click here and complete to receive further details on program: http://www.cohens.com.au/clinic/vic-melbourne

For additional information visit: http://www.cohens.com.au/