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Dr Amin Owhadi

General Practitioner, MBBS

Dr Amin Owhadi

Dr Amin Owhadi

Dr Amin Owhadi  graduated from Kerman medical university, Iran, 2002. He finished his medical training in one of the biggest teaching hospitals and has 9 years medical working experience in Iran.

He enjoys working as a GP and he has a good relationship with his patients.

Dr Amin Owhadi has excellent experience as a family doctor and has special interest in Neurology, Geriatrics and Psychiatry. He has had some  research articles published in those areas.

His wife Dr Maryam Delavari was invited to Melbourne for her PHD research and their family moved to Australia in 2011. They love the Australian lifestyle and have been traveling a lot around Australia. In his spare time, Dr Amin Owhadi loves writing ( he was an Author in Iran), reading,traveling, music and watching movies with his son.

Besides English, Dr Amin Owhadi speaks Farsi (Persian) fluently.