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Dr Mei-Xi Cai ( Maggie)


Dr Mei-Xi Cai ( Maggie)

Dr Mei-Xi Cai ( Maggie)

蔡医生,毕业于福建医科大学,是一位经验丰富又有爱心的女医生, 现持有澳洲全科医生证, 会讲国语,英语,闽南语 和 广东话

Dr. Maggie Cai is an experienced and gentle family physician who is dedicated to providing the best care possible for her patients.

She graduated from Medical University in China and has worked in a large teaching hospital for several years as a dermatologist and women’s health care provider.

Maggie migrated to Australia in 1995. She obtained a bachelor of nursing and worked as a registered nurse at multiple metropolitan hospitals.
In 2008, Maggie was awarded her AMC certificate and then proceeded to gain valuable experience at several large metropolitan hospitals.
In 2012, she completed her general practitioner training and was awarded fellowship from the Royal Australia College of General Practitioners. She continued to spend an extra 6 months training in sexual health and dermatology at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.
Her specializations in medicine include women’s health, paediatrics, dermatology and sexual health amongst many others. Maggie speaks Mandarin & Fujianese fluently.

Maggie appreciates the beauty and challenges of her work in General Practice and is always seeking to elevate her skills. She aims to provide holistic and ongoing care for patients and their families.

Maggie is happily married with three children. She enjoys reading, cooking, swimming and spending time with her vibrant family.