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Dr Azhar Rakhmetova

Dr Azhar Rakhmetova

Dr Azhar Rakhmetova

Dr Azhar Rakhmetova is a vibrant and delightful doctor who graduated in 1993 where she undertook her studies in Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country and former Soviet republic.

She has worked as a endocrinologist for 10 years in Kazakhstan and then migrated to Australia in October 2003 where she began further studies. On completion of these studies Dr Azhar began working as a doctor in Australia in April 2006.

Her thirst of becoming a doctor was inspired through her mother, who was an Ophthalmologist, and this led her to pursue her study in medicine.

As well as speaking English fluently, she also speaks Russian.

She has a tender nature and in her spare time, devotes time to her young family.

Her special interests include Woman’s Health as well as Diabetes and Thyroid Problems.

Dr Azhar has been working as a GP in Australia for over 10 years and is a well liked and respected doctor within the Russian community.